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This month we're featuring The Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. Few haunted houses in America have had the level of malevolency that has been reported in this particular house.  Once a doctor’s house, a little girl named Sallie died here during a botched appendectomy, and many claim that her spirit has been here ever since. 

When a family moved in during the ‘90s, this little girl began to create mischief, knocking pictures down, toying with electrical appliances, and leaving a trail of their child’s toys throughout the house.  This activity eventually escalated to a violent level, but while they originally thought it was the little girl that their child had seen, they inevitably learned through a medium that it was actually a middle aged woman responsible for the violence. 

All of her malevolence was directed towards the male owner of the house, repeatedly scratching and gouging him, leaving deep red welts and scratching deep enough to cause bleeding and bruising.  After this entity shoved him and almost sent him careening over the railing of the stairs on the second floor, the family finally moved out of fear for his life.  These activities have been documented by several paranormal groups.

Let's take a peek inside.... shall we.....

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