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Hello fiends! Welcome to another issue of House BOOtiful! This month we'll be taking you inside the historic Franklin Castle in Cleveland, Ohio.

For years, the gothic mansion known as "Franklin Castle" has been called the most haunted house in Ohio. During its long and strange history, the ghost stories have become an integral part of the lore. For years, tales have been told of doors that explode off their hinges, lights that spin on their own, electric circuits that behave erratically, the inexplicable sounds of a baby crying and even a woman in black who has been seen staring forlornly from a tiny window in the front tower room.
There are many ghosts here, the legends say. But what dark deeds caused this house to become so haunted? Are the stories of the murders committed here actually true, or the stuff of legend?
Let's take a tour, shall we?

Franklin Castle in Cleveland, OH

A haunted house that really looks haunted from the outside.  Built in 1865 by the Tiedemann family, this home’s sandstone exterior, round corner tower and gargoyle embellishments certainly make a spooky first impression.  Those who have been brave enough to venture inside the mansion, claim to have witnessed an eerie woman dressed in black staring out the tower window.

Known as the most haunted house in Ohio, small children crying and unexplained happenings like doors flying off the hinges and lights spinning have been previously reported.  Why is the house haunted?  Four of the Tiedemann children died in the home and owner Hannes Tiedemann was rumored to have murdered his 13-year-old niece in a hidden passage along with his mistress.

Above Photo: Flickr/Southerntabitha

These photos were taken by Forgotten

We hope that you enjoyed the tour of The Franklin Castle, and if you're ever in the neighborhood, you should stop by and say "Boo!"
Happy Hauntings!

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